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Residential Schedule A-10
(PDF Document 10 KB)

General Service Schedule B-10
(PDF Document 12 KB)

Residential Seasonal Schedule S-5
(PDF Document 7 KB)

Church Service Schedule C-10
(PDF Document 12 KB)

Net Energy Metering Rider NEM-4
(PDF Document 18 KB)

Large Power Service Schedule LP-10
(PDF Document 14 KB)

Unbundled Coincident Peak Load Control
Schedule PC-2

(PDF Document 17 KB)

Unbundled Yard Lighting Service
(175 and 400 Watt) Schedule Y-9

(PDF Document 15 KB)

Unbundled Post Light Service (100 Watt)
Schedule YP-9

(PDF Document 14 KB)

Unbundled Surge Suppression Device
Schedule SSD-2

(PDF Document 12 KB)

VA Interim Rate Increase Rider OD-09
(PDF Document 9 KB)

Unbundled Wholesale Power
Post Adjustment Clause WPA-5

(PDF Document 17 KB)

Rates for New Member/Owners

Levelized Purchase Power Factor LPPFQ
For service rendered after July 1

(PDF Document 54 KB)

Residential Service RQ Rate Schedule 
(PDF Document 68 KB)

General Service GQ Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 80 KB)

General Service CQ Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 83 KB)

Coincident Peak-Load Control PCQ-2 Rate
(PDF Document 30 KB)

Large Primary PPQ Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 77 KB)

Light and Power PHQ Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 81 KB)

Net Energy Metering Rider Schedule
(PDF Document 21 KB)

Metering Services and Ownership Rider-Q
(PDF Document 29 KB)

Street and Highway Lighting Service SLQ
Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 68 KB)

Outdoor Lighting Service OLQ Rate
  (PDF Document 74 KB)  

Private Outdoor Area Lighting Service ALQ
Rate Schedule
(PDF Document 77 KB) 

Street and Highway Lighting MSLQ Rate
(PDF Document 95 KB)

WPA-1Q (PDF Document 22 KB)

Sales and Use Tax Surcharge (PDF Document 14 KB)

100% Renewable Energy Attributes Electric Service - Rider R (PDF Document 56 KB)

Terms and Conditions (PDF Document 219 KB)




Other rate schedules of the Cooperative are available upon request.